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For a long time, there is no Chrome Extension Wallet for CKB/Nervos. Now, we have one!

We, the Taoist Labs, create the Rei Wallet for the CKB/Nervos ecosystem. From now on, all the dapps can be connected to a CKB/Nervos browser extension wallet easily!

Simplify CKB Asset Management with Ease

Effortlessly track and manage your CKB assets all in one place with REI Wallet. This powerful browser extension offers a range of convenient features to enhance your CKB experience.

Seamless Management of xUDT and DOBs

REI Wallet takes care of your xUDT management and enables seamless trading of DOBs. With just a few clicks, you can securely handle these assets directly from your browser.

Native Nervos CKB Chrome Extension Wallet

Choose the best for your CKB needs – REI Wallet stands out as the only native Nervos CKB Chrome Extension wallet available. Benefit from its optimized performance and user-friendly interface.

Unleash the Potential of Bitcoin Layer2

REI Wallet integrates the RGB++ Protocol, providing you with access to the exciting world of Bitcoin Layer2. Explore the possibilities and leverage UTXO chains effortlessly.

Experience the convenience and power of REI Wallet. Install it today and take control of your CKB assets like never before.

Getting started

For security, please download Rei Wallet from Chrome Webstore 👉here

Connect with your dapp

If you want to connect your dapp with Rei Wallet, here is a simple dapp example.